That White Man In That Photo Unsung Hero: PETER NORMAN

Many students of sports history have seen this iconic photo of two African-American track stars, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, accepting their medals at the 1968 Olympics barefoot, each with a black-gloved fist raised in a Panther salute as a statement of solidarity with the plight of underprivileged African-Americans and other disadvantaged minorities throughout the world. It was only a month after the internationally-watched Huey Newton trial ended. The Olympic Committee reacted swiftly to ban the two star athletes from the Olympics for life (that sanction was recently lifted).

Smith and Carlos have long since been recognized as civil rights heroes, but little attention has been paid to the one white man on the podium, Australian Peter Norman, whose unheralded support for the two African-Americans also cost him his career. To read more about Norman's courageous story in Griot magazine's Riccardo Gazzaniga's article - click here.

In our documentary, we bring belated recognition to another unsung hero, Newton jury foreman David Harper, who also risked his life and career because of his commitment to racial justice.

Help us bring it to your screen.

#blackpanthers #1968Olympics #PeterNorman #TommieSmith #JohnCarlos #DavidHarper

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